michele erin clarke

{product designer}

About me
I am a product designer based in Palo Alto, CA. I currently work at mPath, designing one of the most challenging and rewarding products that I have helped create. We are a small team tackling a large enterprise mobile platform. Previously I was a principal interaction designer at Intuit.

I enjoy working on productivity tools – those that help people efficiently do what they need by anticipating and intelligently assisting. I see design as piecing elements & experiences together like a puzzle to create an extremely useful and delightful experience.

What excites me now is exploring the abundance of prototyping tools to quickly bring designs to life for feedback and further iteration. I find that once I can interact with a design, I discover new ways to improve it.

As for the green thumb side of me, I like to think it is hibernating. The garden pictured here unfortunately is not mine, but the amazing work of my sister.

If you'd like to learn more about my work, send me a note via email or LinkedIn.

Contact me
Email me at clarke.michele@gmail.com
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